Training Classes

We hold two types of training classes - 
Dog Socialisation & Obedience, and  Dog Agility




Dog Socialisation and Obedience  

Classes are held every Wednesday at Blackdown Village Hall (for the exact location, see "how to find us").   There are 6 different training sessions aimed at different ages and abilities, starting at 5:15 pm, with the last class at 8:30pm.   (See insert for details.)   

On your initial visit, the trainer will be able to help you choose the right session for your dogs, age, ability and temperament.    These are "fun" classes with the emphasis on making the experience enjoyable for both your dog and you.   

The floor of the hall is covered with protective rubber matting to absorb shock and to help in the clearing up of those little "accidents" which can occur from time to time - especially in the puppy class !

For adult dogs, a small charge of 2:50 per dog is made for each session, to help cover the cost of the hire of the hall and the protective mats.

For puppies, there is a 7 week course, costing 30 plus the membership fee.   You will need to book a place in advance, as these courses are very popular.   Contact the Secretary on the link below.

Starting Times
Improvers (1)  5:15pm 
Puppies 6:10 pm
Starters 6:45 pm
Advanced (1) 7:15 pm
Improvers (2) 8 pm
Advanced (2) 8:30 pm
Dog Agility  

Classes are held every Tuesday at Higher Pound Farm, Monckton Wyld, Charmouth (for the exact location, see "how to find us").   Three different 45 minute classes are held based on the individual dog's experience and abilities.

Higher Pound Farm is an excellent location, (being an indoor horse training school) and provides safe training conditions in dry and, if necessary, artificially lit conditions.

In Agility, dogs are mostly worked off lead, so it is very important that you should be in full control of your dog.   This is for safety reasons and to avoid disruption to the rest of the class.   You should be confident that your dog will come to you when called and will respond to a "sit" or "down" command.   If you cannot do this, then your dog should continue to attend further obedience training before considering agility.

There is a charge of 16 for a series of 4 sessions to cover the cost of the hire of the facility and to contribute towards the cost of the agility equipment.

To do Agility Training your dog must be at least one year old, and both you and your dog must  have attended at least three Obedience sessions in the current year.

Starting Times
Class 1 6:30 pm
Beginners 7:15 pm
Self Help 8:00 pm
Class 2 8:45 pm

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