About Us

We are a Kennel Club Registered club and have been in operation now for about eleven years.

Our main aim is to promote the socialisation and training of dogs (and their owners !), to provide training advice and support to improve your interaction with your dog and to improve his or her behaviour within the community. 

We are all volunteers and any charges made for sessions are to cover hall charges, equipment and other costs.

We hold dog obedience & socialisation classes every Wednesday evenings at Blackdown Village Hall as well as running dog agility sessions on Tuesday evenings at an indoor facility at Higher Pound Farm

In our training sessions we only use reward/praise training techniques and never use punishment as a form of control or discipline.   Our aim is to ensure that you and your dog enjoy our sessions and gain a worthwhile benefit from them.

We cater for all types of dogs and all ages.

If you would like to know more, please look at the Training Classes  and How to Join pages on this website.

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