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Obviously, this is just a small sample of what's out there, but we have tried to pick out some of the more useful or interesting ones, or ones that we have supported..

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www.thekennelclub.org.uk The main site for the kennel club, which includes dog health information, training and rehoming advice, various dog activities, details of the "good citizen dog" training scheme, national competitions and shows as well as a host of other useful bits of info.
Dog Charity Sites 
www.dogstrust.org.uk The Dogs Trust - one of the many dog rehoming charities.
www.cinnamon.org.uk The Cinnamon Trust - supports elderly owners in caring for their pets.
www.ferneanimalsanctuary.org Local (near Chard) animal sanctuary and rehoming centre.
www.rescue-dogs.co.uk A site, whose sole purpose is to list dogs currently held in a number of different dog rescue centres throughout the UK with a view to rehoming them.  They concentrate on dogs which have, for whatever reason, been in kennels for some time.
www.animalrescuers.co.uk Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.  It you want to find an organisation for a particular breed or type of dog, then this is a very useful site. Also has pages for lost and found pets and pets needing new homes.
www.nowzad.com A charity whose aim is to improve the welfare of dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq.   Set up in response to actions by various servicemen in Afghanistan in caring for stray animals. 
www.irishretrieverrescue.com A voluntary organisation committed to safeguarding the futures of abused, abandoned, neglected or simply unwanted Golden Retrievers in Ireland.
Dog Obedience Sites
www.k9obedience.co.uk A dog obedience advice website with lots of information on training dogs - also a forum page  (needs registration) where you can seek answers to specific issues.
www.dog-obedience-training-review.com Another dog obedience website, which, as you might expect,  covers training techniques. but which also includes information on diet, grooming, health care etc.
www.obedienceuk.com A website dealing more with the competition element of obedience rather than the training and has details of shows etc.  It also has details of local clubs (although this is only if the relevant club has registered their details on the site).   There is also a forum section (registration required).
Dog Agility Sites
www.agilitybits.co.uk An entertaining and informative site about dog agility, including how to enter competitions, training advice and building & buying equipment.
www.agilitynet.com Lots of information about dog agility, including a very useful "Show Diary", which lists almost all of the Agility Shows in the UK.
www.agilityeye.co.uk Another dog agility website, very similar in content to AgilityNet above.

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