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Axe Vale Dog Training Club supports and promotes the Kennel Club's "Good Citizen Dog Scheme" and the disciplines of the various standards are covered within our obedience training classes.  

The Good Citizen Dog Scheme aims to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn, enhance our relationship with our pets and to make the community aware of the benefits associated with dog ownership

The scheme is an excellent way of focusing your energies in training your dog and providing a way of charting your progress - as well as giving you a great sense of achievement when you pass !! 

From time to time, the Club will  make arrangements for a suitable examiner to attend and carry out the relevant tests on a group basis.    If you feel that your dog (and you) are ready to try and gain one of the awards, then let one of the trainers know and they will be happy to help you prepare for the test.   

Do not be put off by the thought of having to "perform" in front of an examiner.  The examiners are sympathetic and understanding,  and are well aware that sometimes dogs, like people,  have "off" days.

The "Class of September 2009", achieving 10 gold awards, 3 silver awards and 2 bronze awards.

Three separate awards are available, Bronze, Silver and Gold.   In each case, the lower standard must have been achieved before the higher standard can be attempted.

In brief, the requirements of each award are summarised below.   Fuller descriptions of the tests can be downloaded from the Kennel Club website

The Bronze Award

1)   Walk and behave in a controlled manner whilst on a lead 
(and there are several exercises to demonstrate this)
2)   Stay in one position on command
3)   Allow its owner to groom and examine it without struggling.
4)   Return to its owner on command 

The Silver Award 

1)   Play with the owner in a controlled manner
2)   Walk properly on a lead on a public highway
3)   Return to owner when called, from a rest position
4)   Remain in one place for 2 minutes, owner away but in sight.
5)   Get in and out of a vehicle in a controlled manner.
6)   Be called away from distractions to return to owner.
7)   Greet a stranger without jumping up.
8)   Resist food when passing close to it 
9)   Allow examination of its body by a stranger.

The Gold Award 

1)   Walk on a public highway, on lead, with changes of pace determined by the owner.
2)   Dog off lead, returning to owner on command and continuing walking together.
3)   Dog walking free, but under control,  beside owner.
4)   Remain in one place for 2 minutes, owner out of sight for approx 30 seconds.
5)   Dog sent to bed on command
6)   Stop dog when moving, by owner giving a command
7)   Left in isolation for 2-5 minutes without becoming stressed or agitated.
8)   Dog waits for permission to eat.

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